Thursday, March 12, 2009

Surya Fans Expecting AADHAVAN soon!

The Kollywood film "Aadhavan" starred by Surya, Nayanthara, Vadivelu, Ramesh khanna is directed by KS Ravi Kumar, music by Harris Jayaraj and produced by Red Giant Movies run by Udhayanidhi Stalin. This unit is been gifted with handsome hero, beautiful heroine, excellent supporting cast, superb music director and a successful director K.S. Ravikumar. So one can be sure a big hit is on the anvil.

Surya Fans are all on their feet to see their hero on the big screen soon. The news which recently sneaked out of the unit will be a treat to all surya and nayanthara fans. The latest buzz from the Aadhavan’s camp is that director KS Ravikumar has almost completed half the film. When KS Ravikumar informed Surya that the first schedule is done and they would start off with the second, the actor was taken by surprise. The director also told Surya that more than half the film has been canned and the remaining song sequences and outdoor shooting will be filmed in Kolkata. Surya had reportedly told the director KS Ravikumar that if all the directors were as swift as him, he would star in more films every year.

The film is on the way as swift as anyone would have imagined. This film is really going to be a big treat for all Surya fans. As we all hope when "Aadhavan" hits theatres, may be sooner than expected, it will not only be a great entertainer for all Tamil Cinema lovers but also one of the hot favourites at the box office. Let's convey our best wishes to Director Ravi Kumar and his team a great success.


Mojo said...

I haven't seen a lot of Tamil films, so I'm not familiar with this director. But he certainly sounds efficient! Interesting that he'd shoot so much of the film in the north. Is that common?

IKHSAN said...

nice post

Sharmila Valli said...

No Mojo, it is not common to shoot so much of the footage of a Tamil film in the North just as Hindi films hardly shoot in the south.

I am sorry but I do not share the blogger's enthusiasm for this movie. A handsome actor certainly does not a good movie make. And it being a KS Ravi Kumar's film -- lord knows what to expect. Secondly Nayantara is in the film. She has recently has had the dubious honour of giving all the top Tamil film heroes from Rajini Kanth to Vijay and Ajith their biggest flops in recent memory. I guess she has decided that Surya too will join the list.

Anyone who saw Gajini (the Tamil version) will agree that Surya and Nayantara will make a horrible pair. She looks older than him! All fans of Surya instead of rejoicing about this film should be afraid...they should be very, very afraid...

RileyScott said...

Hey man,

Thanks for commenting on my Magic:The Gathering Blog. Your the first, heh, and here I thought no one was reading it. I like your blog here. It's very informative, and nicely laid out. Keep up the good work.