Friday, July 10, 2009

Caliente Salsa

Hot Salsas really taste great. Loco Cowpoke is the ultimate taste of Texas that offers exclusive and hot Caliente salsa that tastes really great. In fact the Caliente Salsa combines the three signature peppers namely jalapenos,chilepequin and habanero. All that is we must make a spicy dip of salsa in a sour cream and yummy it tastes absolutely good.

Loco Cowpoke is renowned for its salsas, hot sauces, drink mixes, relishes, chilli and soup mixes etc. They offer exclusive Roasted Raspberry Chipotle Sauce that is absolutely sweet and smoky. This sauce can serve as a good companion for any fish, fowl or meat. Apart from that it can also be mixed with vinegar or olive oil to make a wonderful salad dressing. This sauce can also poured over soft cream cheese and served with crackers.

In addition to that Loco Cowpoke is also popular in making bread mixes, mustards, mayo and condiments, jellies, jams, pickled products, olives and peppers etc. They also offer delicious Jalapeno Pepper Jelly which is savory in flavor and can be poured over cream cheese for a great party snack. Just visit their website and buy these quality and tasty products at affordable cost.