Thursday, July 23, 2009

Towel Wrap

Posylane is a popular website that is renowned for its personalized gifts and embroidery services. They offer exclusive towel wrap that is made available to us in three sizes and nine colors. The children towel wraps are 18 inches long, teen sized towel wraps are 23 inches long and adult size towel wraps that are 30-36 inches in length. These towel wraps are softer than terry cloth.

They also offers exclusive nap mat that is padded and lined with nylon and cotton with a ribbon trimmed, soft, fleecy blanket. These nap mats are also available in various designs. They are easy to clean by just removing kid and pillow, then toss the rest in the washing machine. In fact these nap mats are absolutely perfect for daycare, preschool or kindergarten.

In addition to that also offer exclusive laundry bag that has a shoulder strap. These laundry bags are also created with Oh Mint’s signature fabrics and colorful border designs. The laundry bags that are offered by this site are available in various colors and exclusive models. They also facilitate us with a special gift set that is offered to us if we match the laundry bag with a towel wrap. For more information just visit their web site.