Thursday, September 24, 2009

Azhagar Malai Movie Review

Azhagar Malai Movie is directed by Rajkumar and music is scored by Illayraja. This film produced under karumari movie banner is starred by RK, Banu, Vadivelu, Napoleon, Manivannan. The makers have their intentions clear, to create an out and out commercial entertainer for the masses. Napolean and Lal play the arch rivals in Azhagar Malai. It is said that their enmity extends back a long way. It intensified when Lal was engaged in big time corruption with government funds and Napolean spoilt his plans by bringing his acts to light.

From then on it is blow for blow, eye for and eye until the end when one has to go ultimately. RK appears as the younger brother of Napolean. He is the typical youth, carefree, always seen in the company of Vadivelu. He meets Banu, love happens and their marriage is fixed by Napolean.There is nothing strikingly novel about the premise of the story. Yet, the director has managed to make something out of it. The cast has performed well. RK seems to have worked hard on his acting. One can sense the hard work. But, his dance movements still look artificial and plastic.

This film when reviewed overall gets a score of 55 out of possible 100 points. Anyways let us wish this film a good success.