Monday, September 7, 2009

Towel Wrap

It is quite obvious that the most popular site that offers personalized gifts and embroidery services is posylane. They offer fantastic bath towel wraps that are softer than terry cloth. These towel wraps are available in a variety of colors like lime, pink, aqua, black, brown, pink purple etc. In fact these towel wraps are available in nine different colors and three different sizes namely child sized towel wrap, teen sized towel wrap and adult sized towel wrap.

If you are in nedd of 100% cotton bath towel wrap then terry towel wrap is the best choice. These terry towel wraps have adjustable velco closures and each towel wrap is multi-needle stitched with triple sheared terry valor fabric. The size of this terry towel wrap is 28 inches in length. It is also available in various colors. This is the best place to order for exclusive towel wraps as they are made of fine fabrics.

In addition to that they also offer fantastic personalized duffle bag. They offer duffle bags for both kids and adults. These bags are also available in various colors so that we can choose the one of our favorite color. Just visit their website for more information. Order your magnificent towel wraps and duffle bags now!