Friday, April 3, 2009

Ayan Movie Honest Review!

Ayan, one of the most expected film, has hit the big screens. The movie is starred by Surya and Tammanah, directed by KV Anand and music score by Harris Jayaraj. Me and my friends went to theatre to watch the film. The film is neither too good nor bad. It has its own way of attracting Surya Fans. It’s a film that’s been inspired vividly by the newspaper articles that every day glimpse and yet don’t focus on those stories.

Of course, it’s turn that we see them every time we see often. The film is about a big-time smuggler Goss (Prabhu) who has Deva (Surya) working under him. Deva goes about across all foreign countries smuggling pirated Film Videos, Gold, Diamonds and more… Deva has his sidekick Chitti (Jagan) accompanying him in all the conniving activities along with a deaf driver (Karunaas). Every time, they gear up with serious efforts for the collusive trip, cops are behind them. The opposite gang guy Kamalesh (Akashdeep Saigal) is the man on the opposite tracks.

Overall, in my perspective, the film scores 7.5 out of 10. The film should have given all Surya Fans what they expected and i feel they all will be contented with the efforts made by their hero. But i also feel that the film did not live up to its expectation, still a good entertainer for the kollywood movie lovers.


jag said...

the movie is good fantastic efforts from surya in fights suspense sequence are good songs are really good overall music is enjoyable

darsden said...

Dang his hot, ripped, chisled...
ooooo weeeee just a hottie!

Abas said...

Ayan movie rocks.

seshasai said...


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Allwyn said...

Surya done a very good job in this movie. He is really an unique actor in Indian Cinema.