Friday, April 24, 2009

Virgin Mobiles --> Pink Slip Plan

Virgin Mobile announced a Pink Slip Protection plan that waives as many as three months of wireless phone charges if a customer is laid off. Many companies have been taking the economy into account with their advertising messages by telling consumers they feel their pain.

Virgin Mobile will pay as much as $90 a month for three months. It's only for monthly plans without annual contracts, you must be employed to enroll and you must be on a monthly plan for at least two months before claiming benefits.The wireless carrier is offering the Pink Slip plan in part because unemployment issues tend to affect its prepaid base more than its customers on annual plans.

Virgin Mobile also rolled out an unlimited text and messaging plan for $19.99. Customers can purchase that plan and pay 10 cents a minute for additional voice calls.Payments of $90 a month are not as significant as the hundreds of dollars a month the car companies might waive for people who get laid off. But the message Virgin Mobile is sending will resonate with consumers.