Thursday, April 16, 2009

My Views on the Second Season of IPL?

Indian Premier League abbreviated "IPL", is all set to start its action again by April 18 at South Africa. The first season of IPL was a great success and it was fruitful to all the sponsors. Last year, IPL turned out to be a great piece of Entertainer in India. All Indian fans were on their feet during the last season, that is the first ever IPL tournament. But due to the fact that the general elections are clashing with the dates of IPL, the government gave its dissent for the tournament this year.

The reason was Security issues as it is absolutely not possible to provide adequate security both for IPL and Elections. Though the Indian government had asked IPL officials to conduct the tournament at a later part of this year, the IPL officials refused it due to unavailability of international players apart from April-May. This forced the IPL board to switch the second season of IPL to South Africa.

My personal feeling is that IPL will not be a great success as it was in the previous season considering the fact that many Indian cricket fans are not happy about the IPL shift. Even some of the Players do feel the same. Since it is not going to be played in India, the aggression and enthusiasm will undermine due to nominal amount of Indians in South AFrica. If it was to be played in India, every state would have wished for their team to win and the crowd cheer for the home team would have actuated the home team and made them more enthusisastic.

Though IPL is not going to be more exciting as it was, but still it is going to be a good entertainer. Not only Indians but also the Cricket lovers from all over the globe are looking for it. Lets hope for a great tournament.