Sunday, August 9, 2009

Malai Malai Movie Review

Malai Malai is worth seeing good entertainer in which the young hero Arun Vijay looks quite different from his other films. This film stars Arun Vijay, Vedhika, Prakash Raj and Prabhu. This entertaining film is directed by A. Venkatesh and the music score is performed by Manisharma. I personally feel that the songs should have come out even more better as it doesnot support the fil to its potential. Director has tried his best to give something different but his efforts fall flat while we watch the film.

Let us now look at the overview of the film now!

Arun works in Pazhani as a tempo driver. When he visits his uncle, he meets RJ Vedhika from Chennai who gets attracted towards him looking at the Good Samaritan that Arun is. Arun sees Kasthuri and finds a good life partner in her for Prabhu. Meanwhile he loses his job due to a small mishap in his work and proceeds to Chennai to seek greener pastures. There he meets Vedika again and cultivates his love.

Prakash Raj is the local baddie in Chennai who terrorizes the public and on his birthday bash on the road, some miscreants from his group misbehave with Vedhika. The typical macho lover boy that our Arun is, bashes up the baddies along with Prakash Raj. This turns out to be a great insult to Prakash Raj who loses his MLA ticket. It is only natural that he wants to avenge his insult. The twist, if at all there is one, comes in the form of Prabhu’s visit to Chennai when he meets his school buddy who is none other than Prakash Raj.

Arun Vijay does his part sincerely. Besides dancing, Vedhika tries to act too. Prakash Raj and Prabhu prove once again that they are veterans after all. Santhanam and Lollu Sabha Manohar tickle our funny bones sometimes. Kanja Karuppu is just passable. Mani Sharma’s Pooparikka Solluma passes muster. Scenes and narration are the same old run-of-the-mill types but for Prabhu’s and Prakash Raj’s friendship.