Thursday, August 6, 2009

Sachin Kambli Issue???

Former Indian Cricketer Vinod Kambli speaks about his relationship with Sachin and also about the BCCI. It is well known fact that sachin and kambli were childhood friends. Both Kambli and Sachin started their journey with a history making 664 stand as young school boys. Thereafter, they went onto represent their country. But while one has come to hailed as arguably one of the best batsmen of all time, the other developed a reputation for being a troubled child and was dropped.

Sachin Tendulkar now stands accused by his friend, Vinod Kambli, who made the revelations in a programme to be aired on the Star Plus channel called “Sach ka Saamna” which is Hindi version of the popular show in the U.S. known as “The Moment of Truth”. At the height of their success, Tendulkar and Kambli even featured in a Pepsi ad. Under the polygraph test, Kambli answered questioned about his famous friendship with Tendulkar and also, of the issues concerning the BCCI that affected him.

Vinod Kambli alleged that sachin did not even try to help him but if he had thought about helping him, he could have easily done it. Kambli also raised rattling issues against the BCCI, stating that he was discriminated in their selection policy because of his caste and colour, bringing the race issue into the picture. However, while Sachin has not commented yet, the BCCI have responded through Rajiv Shukla that they have never indulged in such discriminatory policies and that race issue was something they were fighting against on a universal basis.

Let us hope that both these childhood friends become good friends again after all this issue is all about the past and nothing to do with the present or future. Hear kambli and scahin!!! U both were good friends.. I wish you both remain good friends!!!